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Lonely Planet Panama Panama Trip



My trip to Panama.

I go on a month long trip to Panama visiting many sights. Searching high and low and going off the beaten path. This is my adventure log of sorts. From the mountainsides of Caldera. To the growing city of David. The dilapidated beauty of Caso Viejo with its architecture and old style theatres is a sight to behold.

I enter the Chiriqui Provence and have a great time with the locals. The rivers, streams, valleys and springs are all equally beautiful. Panama from what I experienced is a place with serious character and texture. With something new around every corner I don't waste any time in seeing what there is to try.

Take a look and see if Panama can lure you in. Enjoy.

Video Conception, Editing, and Directed by - Peter Ro - @PETEGONZ

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